Sittable chairs and ability to lie down on bed and control time

Gabriel H shared this feedback 5 years ago

I'm tired of standing up all day and night, I would not mind to have a seat on the newly built chair at the table and eat my salad. Like with space engineers it's good to lie down on the bed, it can help heal you two. These features would be fantastic! When lieing down on the bed you could fast forward time with controls. Essentially having an outside bench would be awsome two to sit on and admire the views, please vote so this gets some momentum!

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Currently if anybody is following this topic, a mod on steam workshop allows you to sit down on the vanilla chair. You can't currently interact with objects on the table or move your head. But it's perfect solution until this is officially implemented with a few minor tweaks


There is a mod to lie on the bed and that makes time pass very quickly so that you can sleep through the night, for example.

And the word is spelled "too" when used that way.

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