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Reppeti xx shared this feedback 5 years ago
Considered (Not Planned)

Dear developers!

I looked into this a bit and I'm wondering if after a map has been generated by World Machine, could that map's terrain be edited trough the vx2 file? I'm not thinking of anything too complex, just some kind of way that would let you modify the terrain with some brushes, so huge mountains could be created much faster to use in game, and build amazing monuments on.

I think such simple jet powerful tool could help the community save a lot of time.



I wish you a lovely day! :)

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World Machine is used to generate the height maps and material maps that are used in world generation. These maps are png images that you can do whatever you like with.

VX2 files contain binary dumps of changed voxels from our octree data structure. They really aren't meant to be edited at all.

So, basically, you can edit the maps using any image editor that supports channel editing.

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