[publictest] Shorter floors for stairs

Heiko M shared this feedback 2 years ago

Right now you can have either a two block wide opening for stairs ... which results in the risk to fall down too hard* and is also a waste of valuable space,

OR you can have a one block wide opening and bump your head each time you're going through (have to crouch for a step).

I think it would really be handy to have a floor that is in one direction only 90% as long as in the others ... Then making stairs finally less painful to use.

(and I's like also to have trapdoors that can placed over a stair in all directions. Right now it can only placed with the door part to the left or right of the stair ... if placed other way [front or back to the stair] you can't pass from the stair to the next floor)


*=... have dies already 10 times in this session from falling down stairs ...

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We agree that it would be nice to have it work a little better, especially with the trap door.

In the meantime, try placing a railing so you don't fall down.