[public test] The good, the bad, and the in between

Hohes Haus shared this feedback 2 years ago

I like to write, so I hope you like to read :)

First of all, I am in the category of players who play this game as an 'easy blender alternative' when creating historical castles, so I will only focus on models and building (which is exactly what this patch is about thankfully). But I will focus on that with great care. I will also list positive points although they have no place in a bug report, since I need to give KEEN a clap on the shoulder when they deserve it, to keen them motivated. Also because I feel bad ranting so much otherwise. I can provide pictures for all bugs found if needed.


Good: Tree seeds. So good it breaks the game. To a new level ofc, not mechanically.

Bad: Using the 'Box' voxel tool or the shovel crashes the game instantly.


Good: I love all the new models and textures (but RIP to the modders who have to update their block mods, why do you punish these great people so much KEEN).

+ You can't look underneath/inside the roofs anymore when you stand close to a house on the outside, there is a wooden beam now to obstruct vision, thx!

+ Double window is official now, finally!

+ Extra points for the new arrow slit, gives a little bit more sense for wall thickness.


# These machiculations... Props the the guy who remodelled them, because even though they still extend way too far from the wall and the battlements are still completly unsupported structually (no way that would hold irl), they don't look terrible anymore... from a distance. Completely horrible up close though, hasn't changed there. Pls KEEN, pls. Make them properly and closer to the wall, yes you would loose the room to walk on them alone, but walking on them means a headbobbingfest anyway. In this state they just continue to be unuseable for anyone who gives a crap about historical accuracy or structual integrity. Not to mention, when you release this game, Shadiversity (https://www.youtube.com/user/shadmbrooks) will kill you personally if you don't fix these.


- The roofs have some weird long distance models, there are things flying that don't belong there.

- The 'Tall round tile roof' has a too bright texture at any distance but a close one.

- The beforementioned wooden beam doesn't exist for the 'Tall round tile roof', would be really nice to have.

- The drawbridge is missing its rope to pull itself up, and the wooden gate is missing the wooden beam to close it completly (I mean, it got the support beams modeled, now you need to go all the way!).


Some smaller block requests I have that could be included in this 'building focused' patch if KEEN is kind:

* Some roof blocks that combine small and big roofs. Not asking for every variety under the sun, just the basic ones

* After the double window, you could also make the roof window official :)

* Based on the 'Small arch' block: 3 new similar blocks, one with 3 and one with 4 entrances, as well as one with 2 at a 90 degree angle. Would make the creation of secret passages possible.

* Propably too big for this patch, just the seed of an idea: a system to whitewash our walls.


Good: Some great improvements here in the way block placement works!

+ Dynamic mode is an absolute joy to use now, I bitched about that some time ago, happy to say all my issues are gone now and I couldn't have asked for more in this regard. Good job Keen!

(Well, except allowing 2 different grids to touch each other, but hey, can't have it all)


- There is no logical way of placing a drawbridge.

- Machiculations can be placed, but you need to aim at weird places, especially with the large round ones.

- You can't place the 'round spiral staircase' on top of a 'small round corner', which makes no sense.

- The row of stones some blocks have on their edges to hide texture cuts don't get deleted properly when you attach another block to the corresponding face. They still appear pretty often in the wall, which looks weird.


* Pls make the 'Small arch' block combine with walls on its 2 'entrance' sides. This would make it easy to create windows and arrowslits in thick walls. Same deal with the beforementioned extra versions of this block.


1) I couldn't test this, but have you (KEEN) tried to reduce the lag that happens when you place a block on top of an already large structure? If not, that might be something worth looking at, I have seen many people who were upset over this.

2) I don't know if I am stupid for even trying this, but loading a save that is not from the public test crashes my game. Should I be worried?

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It's all a work in progress. Many of the placement issues are being worked on.

One thing though is the design of the machicolations. Due to the game mechanics, you have to drop large stones or projectiles to do any significant damage. Because of that, we have to have large holes and large machicolations that aren't historically accurate. If we make them smaller they are pretty much useless.


Nothing of what I said was supposed to be criticism, it *was* a public test after all, so I mentioned all the issues I encountered in case you weren't aware of them.

Sorry for the double post, I also mentioned this on the latest machiculations topic, but there are ways to keep the machiculations big while having the battlements closer to the wall: