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Michel_0 shared this feedback 5 years ago

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

i'm writing this "feedback" to bring more attention on a critical missing feature.

Since the old windmill rotor has been removed, there is no possibility anymore to enpower custom machines (except of by hand).

I collected several facts to point out the priority of it:

  • Within the intro movie of the game at the start screen, there you can see mechanics, which wouldn't work noadays. You're advertising the game with a removed feature!
  • You're still calling the game "Medieval Engineers", altough you don't give engineers any power source for their mechanics. Building pretty houses & castles can be nice, but then you could call it "Medieval Architects", not "Medieval Engineers".
  • People mostly utilizing clang engines to work around this missing feature. This obviously isn't how it should be.
  • I'm not alone. There are regulary popping up threads about that in the forums and elsewhere.
  • The whole image of the game is based on engineering medieval mechanics. Putting together pre-defined mechanical blocks is no engineering.

So what now?

  • Awareness of these facts must be brought to responsible persons, who decide when what will be implemented in ME.
  • Based on this and maybe more facts, it needs to be prioritized.
  • This decision needs to be communicated to the community

I can't imagine how a feature, which already has been there can cause this much problems now.

ME support team said: "It's something we had planned to do for one of the early 0.6 updates but we found some serious issues that blocked development.". Maybe those issues are something about friction and load (so the windmill should stop when the load is too high)? I could imagine calculating this on any custom mechanical attachment might be complicated? But how About a 2 step solution then?

  1. Step: No windmill friction coupling, windmill just poweres like the old windmill rotor (should be simple to do)?
  2. Step: Windmill friction included, windmill calculates the load of attached mechanics and stopps if it's too high.

Step 2 then would be a low priority, because it's just a modification of an existing feature (step 1), but Step 1 has high priority, because it's a completely missing feature.

At the end a list of relevant discussions:

Kind regards,


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There are plenty of mechanics, need a motor, make a Klang engine, they work great. I've got so many engine designs I can power anything at any speed assuming the catch blocks and max rotational speed can handle it, and then if the machine can handle it. That's the engineering part and its great. Lord Klang can be good or bad, it can lob a large projectile at ludicrous speed, power mega springs, or flight@110m/s in survival, or power a tank. Just have to know its limits and game physics. Keep learning you missed a couple lessons... BTW. Architects and civil engineers build the targets, mechanical engineers knock them down.. I think the games is great how it is, Let them focus on getting it to run without getting a ram leak and dropping to 2fps, or DS rubber-banding when there are too many small grids after 4 weeks.

I do get what your saying though, it would be nice to have a power source, but your limited as being medieval. so your options are animals, player, water, wind, and god/s(if you believe in that). Peaceman has aced the wind power in his mods. water is good but lacks the movement for power(good start), And Lord Klang is our God of Medieval Engineers.


Hi Jim,

i already mentioned clang engines above… "This obviously isn't how it should be."

Your list of possible power sources is pretty good and it exactly describes what i mean. Now scratch all not yet released features - what's left? God. The only power source of a game called "Medieval Engineers" is - god. That's paradox.


@Medieval Engineers Team:

I think it's time for an update on this. Is the decision made yet, if this will be implemented in 0.7?


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