Playing Medieval Engineers is a bad experience

Hexacosichoron shared this feedback 5 years ago

I came back to trying this game for the first time in months, and only two days in, I've encountered numerous game ruining bugs and glitches. Opened on the wrong screen (fixed it but took hours to figure it out), forge and furnace embedded in the floor, inverted eye adjusting making night-time play very irritating, and now a cart I can't move. All within two days of trying to play again. I can't even type a message in this website! This paragraph had to be pasted in from Wordpad and even then it doesn't actually show up until the post is submitted. I'm so disappointed right now I don't even want to play Space Engineers. Or any game on my computer for that matter.

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Ok, not all bad. Despite the above rant, I still love this game. The tree-felling mechanics and survival mode terrain sculpting mechanics are amazing. The recent addition of Plank walls and the fixing of the railings to make them more proportional are excellent changes. For all the bugs this game has, it still draws me in.

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