Overhaul of early and late game food

Mithrilchu shared this feedback 3 years ago

i love the overhaul they did with the different stats, but it showed some flaws on how much the different food give compared to how easy it is to get the ingredients.

the early game food Salad is too powerful. it give a lot of food and same time barely take any effort to get the ingredients to craft a lot of them.

i suggest salad get nerfed a little in how much food they give. down from 30 to maybe 20 or 15 and keep the easy to gather way. then it would be less op and give reason go after mid tier or high tier food.

the problem with current high tier food, is more because there is too few options.

goulash is currently the only high tier and it fit there perfectly

but there is often no reason to craft high tier food as the only benefits are high gain of vigor and few servings to get full hunger.

maybe add a temporary buff when eating high tier food and add more food options to high tier.

if any people have some more to add or changes to the idea. please leave them in comments.

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salads have become a thing when i have AI Defender mod active (feeding those guys) because i will just walk the forest picking up berries and roots to make what ends up to be like 50 salads in my inventory craft (dont waste campfire fuel making salads).

hodge podge a close second?

i believe all food will get overhauled - things like carrying soup and bread sound a little bizarre imho, its still feeling early access. i dont have any vibe of realism because frankly eating 10 raw pumpkins sounds like a vomit fest! or imagine just eating bread... :)

so what is food purposed for?

  • Fast Travel
  • Stamina (i personally dont use food for any stamina gains but some do*)
  • Special purpose such as spice bread, sweet bread and tea... foods that consumption equates to an increased ability (* tea is the best stamina fighter and in theory on a water mod would keep you from drowning?)(i will take spice bread when mining, its a great helper)
  • mod use such as AI Defenders which require food for training and upkeep
  • i would imagine in the future is the tie-in with starvation affecting the red health bar on top? i am grateful for ME not being a punishing survival game because we spend so much time building and such... imho!

spice and sweet bread along with tea and some specialty foods are nice additions imho: foods with a specific purpose like 2x Mining... i welcome a whole menu of foods with purposes, something to make the chef player think about it. imho right now there is no reason to eat food as there is no starvation health loss - some folks say they eat to restore stamina but i never eat ever and function perfectly fine with no stamina loss... food just isnt required unless FT or specialty use... it will be! so making a goulash or any complicated food imho is not worth the time and ingredients. make a sweet bread and your loaded with small stones and two steel hammers and you can finish your wall in minutes not hours if you prep for it! i love that...

p.s. QUICK ADD and maybe its own thread - i think Deer Meat output should be 5x what it is now, an average deer harvest in real life brings in what can be a village meal feeding for a week - i think deer needs more output