Obsidian and Long Bows

Grant Fomin shared this feedback 5 years ago

This is two suggestions in one but the suggestions have overlapping utility.

With the new update focused more on combat I would like to see long bows in addition to crossbows. Long bows could be a ranged weapon with which one could forego the metal requirement in acquiring a ranged weapon. (Perhaps craftable with just sticks and linen string.)

Possibly instead of just a long bow a recurve bow could also be included as a higher-tier bow.

Keeping in the theme of realism long bows (at least proper war bows) often had high draw weights. Holding the bow in a drawn position would quickly drop stamina, and it would take a second or two to fully draw the bow giving some skill and timing to the weapon to make up for its easier crafting recipe.

The long bow could be used with either obsidian tipped or metal tipped arrows. Obsidian would be a new mineable resource which wouldn't require smelting to make and could be found in all biomes. Possibly pieces of obsidian could be found and picked up anywhere but were concentrated around the ore veins. I can't think of an instance where you'd be needing large quantities of it though unless you wanted to stockpile arrows.

Also with the addition of bows an archery target could be added. Possibly just an aesthetic item crafted with sticks and rope/thatch. Though since it functions to help players practice aim and timing and learn to use the bow, it could have an inventory and each time it was shot, add arrows/bolts to its inventory such that they could be recovered and reused.

Obsidian could also be used to craft both an obsidian knife and a wooden club with obsidian blades set into it as weapons.

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since it is medieval engineers, would flint not work better then obsidian. flint is common in all of Europe, while obsidian is not.


just ask for bows*, imho you take the current crossbow graphic, turn it on its side and remove the wood stock graphic. no difference in flight of the shot but yes now we introduce arrows and arrowheads, fun additions imho. (*for now, small stones or molded metal bolts can suffice?).

its so simple i need someone at Keen to tell me why you cant just strip down the current crossbow into a bow??????

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