NPCs, Wildlife and Food/Water

Andrian shared this feedback 4 years ago

I absolutely love the new weather update it ads alot to the survival aspect of the game and the next step in my opinion is the NPC engineers/pirates and wildlife, right now the SE world feels bland, and i would love to see some cool AIs added, maybe have different mechanisms for AIs like some creatures run away during day and attack at night, doesnt have to be enemy engineers mining and building stuff cause that could be extremely bad for the performance but just a lush wildlife, maybe space whales lmao, i feel like there should be a threat from creatures on planets or in space so u have to adapt to the wild life, build defences, right now its so easy to just get materials, build a base and not worry much. Or maybe kill them for food, and defrost the ice into water in some kind if machine which could prob cook meat and defrost watet. The food/water mechanics will drastically improve survival expierence of the game for me, and will make you worry about stuff which is so much fun. For food we can just have "meat" consumable item from wild animals, maybe make it so you can open their inventory when they die then take it out then their body disappears and/or its on the timer to disappear, or add a special prompt to "harvest meat", the main problem with the game to me is how bland things are and these suggestions will turn the game into something extremely fun for me and prob many other people and make it way more challenging which i love.

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This is a forum for ME, not SE. you may want to re-post in SE. And good luck with that request. Keen are not listening.

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