New Skybox, the Moon and Time-of-Day Shading improvements

József Szabó shared this feedback 4 years ago


ME has a beautiful enviroment and textures, except for the Skybox, which is very low-resolution and doesn't really fit a medieval game. As far as I remember it was the Skybox of SE at some point, and it matched that, but not ME. We need a blank black background with some tiny white stars instead of huge red, blue and purple stars. The current one is simply hideous. It would also be a nice touch to give us the actual starfield, so we could navigate using that if we really want to play hardcore realism.


We don't have anything like a Moon, unless we use a mod, that is actually very fun to have. Yet, this should be Vanilla. Not in the way as sandstones or more weapons, but from immersion perspective.

Time-of-Day Shading:

Currently we have 3 phases. Day, Night, and something inbetween. Where is the orange sunset/sunrise? It would make more sense to have 8 phases, in the following order:

1. Sunrise (Orange Sky, Semi-Darkness)

2. Morning (Bluish Sky, Semi-Brightness)

3. Noon (Blue Sky, Brightness)

4. Afternoon (Bluish Sky, Semi-Brightness

5. Sunset (Orange Sky, Semi-Darkness)

6. Night (Dark Blue Sky, Darkness)

7. Midnight (Black Sky, Darkness)

8. Night (Dark Blue Sky, Darkness)

All of the previous mentioned features could greatly improve immersion, and doesn't require technology, that is not in the game in some form or mod. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to like and comment. Keep this on the top! :)

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I like the stars but would love to see orange sunrise/sunset and moon. The game is great as it is though, really enjoy it!!

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