Mod Support: Default Tag Lines for containers

Ivan shared this feedback 6 years ago

It has been brought to my attention that there isn't a default tag line for moders to use when wanting to add an item to a shelf.

Shelves: Tag=FitsOnShelfSmall

Table: Tag=FitsOnSmallTable

Large Table: Tag=FitsOnLargeTable

Stone Stockpile: Tag=FitsInStoneStockpile

Log Stockpile: Tag=FitsInLogStockpile

Ore Basket: Tag=FitsonOreStockpile

Bookcase Basket: Tag=FitsInBookcase

Full Credit to Equinox for inspiring this idea!

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I'll mention that although I'm really not a fan of this hack I can't think of any proper solution to having a way for modders to place items onto the vanilla/other mods' visual inventories. some way for mods to say that their item can be placed on shelves without rewriting the entire inventory definition is necessary, and while this isn't a great way to do that it would work.


I agree, I don't like this hacky idea either.

However modders need some generic constraints/tags we can use for vanilla blocks (and to share with other modders blocks).

Ideally, I'd like the tag/constraint system fleshed out better.

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