Metal Supports for better integrity

Kaden Gosso shared this feedback 3 years ago

A metal strut or support that is added to a stone piece which makes it stronger. Allowing for even larger castles at the cost of iron. This would also help when being raided. For the metal supports both increase the strength of the stone but also keeping towers from falling down due to a hole.

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I personally have thought of this a few times while playing. It's a great idea. There's one problem that I see in doing it in the vanilla game and it's that it would allow building huge towers and massive structures. These are the kinds of things that can tend to cause performance problems which lead to questions about why can't the game handle the size of structures that are buildable using the vanilla blocks. It's not the kind of thing that would keep me up at night but it's definitely the kind of feedback we receive from time to time. The last factor in this one for me is that these kinds of blocks could be modded in. Harder materials can be added with some definition copy / pasting. Then it's just a matter of adding blocks that use the new material.

Anyway, I'll take this to the team the same as any other suggestion. I just felt like sharing my own thoughts on this suggestion since I've sort of gone back and forth in my support for the idea.


The point is not for larger structures, More for reinforcing weak spots in your stuff. (well it could be used for larger structures too) But the cost should be semi high to compensate for this. Maybe around 2-4 ingots to make (Maybe it has to be steel)