[ME] Not able to place blocks anywhere on grid

Todd (shortybsd) shared this bug 5 years ago

We were building on the dedicated server then all of a sudden any new block being placed showed up red. Also is happening 2 small map squares over to the east. We can place a new block 2 blocks away from grid but nothing else can be placed on the grid. Tried testing in a claim and outside of a claim, same issue. Rebooted server and all clients restarted their client entirely. No errors on server-side. It is acting like block limits.

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I think I'm having this same issue. Also, when I try to place items in my house, like the forge, they will place but then not be frozen like they should be and jump up out of the ground.

I've attached my save that is broken if it will help.

EDIT: I don't know what difference it might make, but I am on

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