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ibisgrunk shared this feedback 5 years ago

A) this may just be a personal thing but i would love to have a silhouette or icon of my player showing whether or not i am kneeling or standing... i might be the only guy with this issue but sometimes, and yes it could be after too many beers, i start moving wondering why i am so slow just to realize i am crouching...

could it be possible to put a figure of my dude on the screen showing his current status? standing or crouching, and you could i guess make it into a health thing as well...

B) I dislike getting an inventory full warning usually only when i see a resource drop to the ground because i am full... maybe in combination with A above there could be a more visual indicator of how full my inventory is? for example a 21 basic inventory could have 21 small, super small, blocks in the lower left with red filled and blue empty, something like that... it becomes brutal for example when i didnt realize i pulled in 1 sack of dirt and suddenly the gold ore is dropping to the mine floor. i have to drop the dirt and pick up the ore, imho this happens a lot.

C) for all crafting tables reserve the first slot as EMPTY. so a table with production/fill slots always has 1 empty for the production output? ex., the anvil always has a first slot open for production queue completion... that type of thinking. or separate the input from the output?

D) there is no D.

E) Can you reduce the fall damage, since a patch or two ago it is way too easy to die from a simple fall. fast travel can put a player on a sliding mountain slope of death - i have FT'd to my death then spent more time trying to retrieve my death bag. i wish there was no death bag btw.

F) Remove all the grid system from the world and instead make a radius circle for each claim block, something equivalent to like a 100m radius? The square edging makes no natural sense imho. We lose so much map glory simply because for example a hill is cut into four grid squares.

G) We need a better management screen for folks that have many claims, no reason to keep an excel spreadsheet around for which claim is going to expire when. the game should have better management of this control - a single screen showing all my house claims, when they expire etc. Can i tell you the time we as a house had 18 claims? not fun at all...

H) a shovel can dig iron but not tin? i like a shovel for ore digging but suggest that only copper and tin be mineable with a shovel, all else with a pick.

I) there should be a Stone Mallet. we go from wood to metal, but with a stone axe why no stone mallet? sometimes there is a game block where you dont have access to a metal hammer and cant construct supposedly more complicated G menu items. a stone mallet would help.

J) honestly i could probably do another 50 but figure things like catchblock physics and fighting the need for water would superpose over these feedback points, understood

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You really need to post one idea per submission to vote on. I'd vote for several of these ideas but won't to this because there are some things I don't want.


how about instead of asking me to undo this and post 10 plus times tell us which you like and which you dont like? i have 40 more to go...


The purpose of this system is to vote on one idea, not many.

If you want any of these ideas to mean anything, construct them as single entries.


imho the purpose of the Feedback is to communicate with Keen developers and not chasing votes, if this was a vote popularity forum the we would have Water, by far the most upvotes of any post here. i disagree, this is about communicating feedback to Keen and not chasing votes.

again, pick one of the ten items here you most like which would at the least allow a separate single Vote for you.

all of these ideas have meaning, i dont want to enter 50 posts into the feedback forum, this is me communicating my experience playing ME after 2100 hours of playing.

if a Keen forum moderator wishes this to be done differently please let me know! no animosity, just weird not a single comment on my content but rather dismissive comments on the voting ability, please please pick one or two! then ignore the master list and vote accordingly. so what did you like?


i like D the best, maybe i should put that on a vote?

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