Iron and Bronze Hammer Bug?

Josh Walker shared this feedback 5 years ago

So I've had this game since launch but been patiently waiting for a bit more content, after the last patch I decided now was a good time and I'm very impressive with the state of the game, sure there are bugs here and there but that's why I'm posting this. I'm not so sure this is a bug per say but more a misleading text between the bronze and iron hammers. I've attached stat images of both items and you can see the damage is higher on the bronze compared to the iron, so the iron doesn't construct/deconstruct blocks faster than a bronze but is more durable. Whilst this is fine what I found very misleading after creating my iron hammer and realizing that my two bronze hammer technique was actually better at building for me. I found this odd as the iron hammer says does the job at a greater efficiency than the copper and bronze tools, so shouldn't it be constructing and deconstructing blocks faster? Maybe this is as intended but maybe the description on the iron hammer should be altered as to not mislead folks like myself, thanks for reading! :)

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I was meant to put this in bugs but to be honest, I'm not sure if it's feedback or a bug xD

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