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Doodle Bug shared this bug 5 years ago

Hi i have medieval engineers installed but due to issues with BP i thought it maybe me so decided to do a fresh install, uninstall it then re install it,

I have gone to install it and gets to 4% and says disk write error nothing has changed

Also have issues with BP in games, when i go to put a bp in survival i click it where i want even your little log house says creating copy then vanishes

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Make sure to run a scandisk on the hard drive you are installing it to. Sounds like either corrupt data or bad blocks not being labeled to throw that error.



It was fine and i have done this, all i did was uninstall game and re installed it.

All my other games installed fine only medieval engineers after this update


It could be the block where it is getting installed to, I would run a deep scandisk to scan for bad blocks just to be certain. Also there is a chance you could have a corrupted download.

Regarding the BP, it is broke for everyone. Give it time more will tag this post -


It might be steam just locking files. We've seen some weird situations where broken downloads cause Steam to try checking and updating files at the same time making it impossible to fix.

Try this...

  • If you have Steam set to start with windows, disable it for now
  • Reboot your PC
  • Delete ...\steamapps\common\MedievalEngineers\
  • Delete ...\steamapps\common\downloading\
  • Delete ...\steamapps\appmanifest_333950.acf if it exists
  • Start Steam and try installing the game

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