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Jim Vyhlidal shared this feedback 5 years ago

So as I understand, Keen has an issue in it's house. You've made a great game engine, but the community wants so much, and there's not enough time in the day or money. We know you only get paid a percentage for each copy sold and that's where the buck stops.

You have many dedicated skilled players, profession wise outside of the game. Many of us want to help. Ive got a background in mechanics, parametric engineering & 3d modeling. I would gladly dev mechanical models for keen, both SE and ME. There are many more like myself out there.

Basically you would post tasks that volunteers can perform modeling,textures,programming,ect. Example would be: Need model of a "2x1 roof tile set".

volunteers would then design a "2x1 roof tile set" to match the existing roof tiles already in game.

After the cutoff date you take all the entries in proper file format, select the best one, and send it to the next department. Maybe even some may go the extra distance and skin the parts too at the same time.

Next step would be textures/skin the programming and repeat the process each step till the part is satisfactory. Only thing we would ask is credit the player name or persons name(either, or, not both) at the bottom of the credits screen, its sorta an accomplishment, and encourages the community to come together.

This would speed up the development of the game, and give players a small personal attachment & tribute to the game. It would also encourage younger players to pursue how to model, texture & program.

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This is honestly underrated, look at your modding community. It's okay to have some help to satisfy the demand of the players. People love space engineers and would gladly contribute.

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