i think your asking too much for this game

dason danielczuk shared this feedback 4 years ago

i think your asking too much for medieval engineers. I live in America and it currently says your game is $14. I wanted to know why you didn't go down to $10 when your reviews are "mostly negative" ? why do you think your product is worth $14 today? i'm just curious and a very understanding person if you can just reason with me. also there hasn't been a update in more than a month. so can you tell me why you think this game is worth $14 and not at least $10?

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I bought 4x delux pack to support the game. (Although it's cheaper in my country.) It's unique game and I think marketing part is responsible for not being played as much as Space Engineers and also the terrible beginnings. It should be in early access maybe a year later than it did. In the last year, focusing on graphics too much before gameplay also was a bad idea.

Game is not in a bad state right now and can be reversed easily with good marketing and some fixing updates first. Then IMO, water & ships should be implemented.

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