Flat Worlds

Lord Strix shared this feedback 5 years ago

I would propose to add the option to create a flat world into the game. Similar to the worlds we could create in early versions of the game. This would give us the option to build large castles without having to worry about the gravitational alignment. Because when you build big structures they become tilted at some point. To prevent this I would like to see the option to have a flat world as an option. I also think this could be good for the performance. The only other option I see is to make planets bigger but this would in turn strain the performance massively.

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Please, instead of creating thousands of new threads, vote on the highest one:


If you look under Feedback, you will find that the devs only start being interested once anything passes around 30 votes, which is superhard to do with the 20 people that visit here. So don't split up the topic.

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