Flat world hear me out

Zerkath shared this feedback 5 years ago

I think the game would be improved in many aspects if the world were flat.

Gameplay aspects: would possibly allow water to exist :O even if static example oceans. Easier to make rotation farm etc.

The world wouldn't need to be so large as theres no curvature. In all honesty the world is absolutely massive and because of that it feels empty a smaller world would make a more rivalries and fights for land and resources.

Maybe better performance I do not know.

World idea a single continent surrounded by ocean this would create some interesting possibilities with coastal cities that get some cover from the ocean.

(water isn't necessary for a flat smaller world plz keen do not crucify)

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NO to the flat-earthers. maybe give a map option when creating a new game. But don't do it as default, we like our round planet.

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