[Feature Request] Trees

DonCDXX shared this feedback 5 years ago

I always wanted to be, a lumberjack. The Redwood. The Larch. The Fir. The mighty Scots Pine....

Oaks and Maples would be nice too.

On the agricultural side of things; apple trees, nut trees, lemon trees, cherry trees, and pomegranate trees would make some great variety. Maybe not all these trees, but just a few extra would add a nice bit of diversity.

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I think ME is based in the Boreal Forest originally, so wht/blk Spruce, birch, aspen, willow bush/trees, yup that's about it up here. An increase on tree density would be nice for authenticity but unnecessary.

Maybe some hazardous trees(widow makers), tops of spruce trees sometimes die off, and dry out and get brittle, when the tree is bumped, the top snaps off and hits you in the head or impales you if it doesn't miss you. I have a few of these in my backyard I need to cut down that I've been hesitant on. they normally snap, top flips downward and drops like a needle from 25-50foot. weighing about 20lbs(sorry too tired to convert to metric).

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