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Jim Vyhlidal shared this feedback 5 years ago

why is there not a basic facial feature editor such as an adjustment for eyes/mouth/nose/cheeks/chin/brow/hair color, an option like this is minor but but it personalizes your character, and make people immerse themselves further into role-playing. Plus you could make it so you can collect player head heads and mount them on plaques. Have it keep the facial features, maybe make the eyes cloud over and roll back, and have the jaw hang open. and when you hover over it it displays the player-name. a decapitated head would be saved as a default model with the players tag. when loaded it would just pull the players facial features from the players file and load in. so if the player changed his features, so would the captured head.

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Sorry to say Jim that Keen, or more importantly, Marek Rosa, has ripped us all off, again.

There is no more development of the game.

Developers are no longer looking at this forum.

There is no bug fixing after release of the game out of Early Access.

There is no development of new features.

The game has been officially abandoned.

The only support you'll get here is from other players on how to do stuff or point you to the workshop to add more 'content' to the game.

Steam forums for Keen Software are also devoid of any real discussion. There are two moderators there, Dan2d3d and Vagax who are on their own power trip to permanently ban anyone that show up Keen for what it is with it's crooked management and business practices. These two are players only, no Developers as their title shows.

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