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I think Keen should add dragons to the more 'cavey' areas of the world, they would be an interesting NPC and would provide quite a challenge. Plus lots of dragon myths originated from that time... so that works.

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i came back around to this logically, first of all just Mod it and off you go - but i started rethinking this. if one was role playing, or at least sympathetic to our time period of Medieval then one would suppose, assume, that we of that age would believe in certain things like magic or witches. healing shamans and demons. maybe dragons or other weird to us today mythical creatures. to a Viking the Kraken was real!

the problem is you don't want fantasy or Tolkien modern lens for anything mythical imho, we would need historical period things. like what did Medieval folks think flew in the night? what scared them out the window?


just looking this up i could say instead of dragons add 'headless men', like large barbarian giants? ref. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headless_men ("Blemmyae") ... says "The Hereford Mappa Mundi (ca. 1300) places the "Blemee" in Ethiopia (upper Nile system), deriving its information from Solinus, perhaps via Isidore of Seville."...

St. George is famous for killing a dragon after all... let's have both Saints and Dragons i say! and very much Medieval period... this one hits the religion and dragons thing, me likey!


and finally i give you this quote:

"The bonnacon has been described as far back as Pliny and was a staple of medieval bestiaries. Depicted as having the head of a bull on the body of a horse, the bonnacon also sported horns that were curled backward, said to be all but useless.

Fortunately, the creature had another defense mechanism. When the bonnacon was threatened, its bowels would let go and cover everything in the area with dung that both smelled terrible and burned everything it touched.

Most illustrations of the bonnacon show it giving potential pursuers an explosive poop-shower because even medieval scribes needed a laugh. Today, it has been suggested that the bonnacon was based on large, hoofed animals like bison and that it’s entirely possible that the whole story grew from a single sighting of a terrified animal losing control of its bowels while being pursued."


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