Decaying corpses

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'Tis the season to be spooky, and therefore I have thought of this:

As of now, whenever a player, barbarian or deer dies, they just lie there for a while, dissolve, and then suddenly turn into satchels (which is pretty weird for deer imo).

Also, when a barbarian has taken his last breath, you can just take his skull without removing his head, which as well doesn't make much sense. Unless our ingenious engineers are also remarkably proficient surgeons. But then the unlucky barbarian's head skin would lie there like a deflated balloon.

With deer however, you have to (at least right now, don't know if it's intentional or a bug) wait until it has dissolved in order to access its goods, which can take a bit. Not much, but it's still annoying. At least you can carry them around.

So now to my suggestion(s):

  1. Instead of just dropping a bag with their inventory, our beloved deceased should instead turn into skeletons (let's better leave the disgusting inbetween steps away though - maybe just add some flies before they skeletonize). Those skeletons are technically containers with a visible inventory. Only when the dead barbarians (and players?) have lost their flesh you can take their skulls, which are also removed from their overworld body (therefore a visual inventory). The rest of their loot can of course be accessed anytime. The skeletons themselves would be small blocks, which can be picked up and used for decoration, or deconstructed to get rid of them (or thrown in a mill to make bone meal?).
  2. You should not get too close to those decaying bodies, since it will give you negative, if not even deadly effects. The more bodies there are in one place, the bigger becomes the danger of pestilence. The aforementioned flies indicate the phase where it becomes increasingly dangerous to approach the defunct.
  3. Because of that, you probably don't want too many corpses inside your castle walls (unless you're into that, I don't judge). Because of that, barbarian and player corpses should be able to be carried (just like it's possible with deer carcasses right now). That way you can keep your keep clean. Bring out your dead! Load them on a cart, ship them out of yer home, drop them in an old mineshaft, and you're good. Or dig a grave maybe?Also, it would be nice if you could attach ropes to them. To display them publicly outside your castle gates. Or as a nice gift to your rivalling lords, delivered by air mail.
  4. Deer can decay as well of course, but that's no use for your starving family. All that is left is bare bones, and maybe antlers if it used to be a buck. You can't eat that.
    The deer having an inventory like it used to isn't too sensible either, since it doesn't keep its skin or muscles in its pockets.
    So what do you do? Grab your handy sword, axe or stone hatchet (not your hammer though), and field dress it. Or gralloch it, as the Scots call it. What a beautiful language.
    That way you receive the goodies, and leave the bad stuff behind. The bad stuff disappears after a while. You need to be quick though, or else the venison will become pretty unenjoyable!
  5. If you live in a particularily barbarian infested area, you will probably have a lot of pretty useless skulls. As suggested a few times in the past, there should be a stockpile for skulls. Sure, you could simply put them in storage crates, but that doesn't look very impressive. Imagine that. Immerging in ancient catacombs, torch in one hand, holy water in the other, only to find all the mortal remains stored in neatly labeled cubical cranium crates. If you don't want to create dedicated bone stockpiles, maybe make it possible to put them in the small stockpiles for ores. Way cooler of course would be a stone alcove where they can stack, like they can be found in many medieval ossuaries and catacombs.
  6. This might go a bit too far, but decay should be affected by the surrounding climate. In cold climate, decay would be much slower, whereas in deserts, corpses could mummify. Mummies were pretty popular among apothecaries, and ground mummies ("mummia") were used in several salves and ointments (until the 1920's!). Ingame, you could produce high quality medicine with it, which heals faster than bandages.

So... um.... that would be cool. Yeah, I know, some of this could be modded, but it would also be sensible to include it into the game.

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I also noticed that Halloween is pretty close to Tuesday this year... just saying.


Ummm, that is a weird suggestion.

Who on earth is putting skeletons in his home for decoration? I mean, real ones?

Aren't we civilized as to bury our victims decently?

If already water is a threat to ME's future, how much more will scary things endanger the parental rating of ME until it contains porn and will have to be sold under the table? :D LOL. Sorry.

(can someone make a mod of this?)


We already got impaled skulls in the game, so...


Sadly didn't have time to completely read it, but I reached the disease part. Hmm... I just imagined mobile Plague catapults. Like... Imagine throwing dead bodies over your enemies' walls! The TERROR they might face :D You've got my upvote.


Exhuming this topic because now barbarians can be found everywhere on the planet again, and so can their corpses (if you're good enough).

I don't know what to do with all those skulls.

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