Crafting stations able to access adjacent storage inventories

Ben shared this feedback 2 years ago

It would be nice for the crafting stations (Smithy, Crafting Table, etc) to be able to pull resources from any storage container, if they are in an adjacent tile (or within a certain range).

This would alleviate the need to micromanage your inventory to make sure you have all the correct parts at the right time, for any given recipe. Things would be much more efficient, as rather than spending time clearing / refilling the inventory - it would grab the parts it needed from the surrounding inventories (if present), and output the completed item into the inventory of the crafting station.

I believe it would be lore friendly if the distance was low enough. It could potentially be a world option 'Enable nearby Inventories' for those who do not wish to play with it

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and please add a lock option so a player can prevent a storage container from being on auto-pull. in multiplayer with a large house this would smooth a lot of resource controls! adding to benjamin's suggestion we players would like such options imho...

i could picture in the upper right corner of any storage menu a lock icon that allows control... default is unlocked... or add this as a Claim option so i can have new players or players i simply don't trust not able to gather auto-pulled resources, excuse the complexity of this idea...

[sorry benjamin if this is an OT idea attach]


Nice contribution to the mechanic, thanks :)