Connect small roof tops to large roof

tinbath shared this feedback 5 years ago

Unless I'm being particularly unobservant, I cannot see a way to connect the small roof tops to the large roofs when they are at the same height.

These are necessary to create the dormer windows and multiple gables so often seen in medieval architecture.

Is there such a feature and I'm just missing it?

If not, what I suggest is 6 new blocks as follows:

  • Flat Roof / small roof
  • Left Outside Corner to small roof
  • Right Outside Corner to small roof.

Each of those would need to be in both wooden and tiled roofs.

I have attached images to illustrate.37399fdf3e455fbd9af4e7d7490729386cdb64284f16abd050fc7d16be49b02b4417a26ed1e94b9ebb737a97e2a8c282

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In addition, the same blocks would solve the roof gulley problem as below:


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