Block Placing improvement request

Scott d shared this feedback 5 years ago

Right now, placing new blocks can be...more difficult that it needs to be. There are many times where I want to add to the side of the wall I am building and the ground slopes a tiny bit. The new section wants to be underground except for a tiny corner. Trying to place a block or a roof block on top is difficult. You have to get like the exact edge of the existing feature to get the alignment you want.

Allowing the Page up and Page down buttons to shift the block up a level or down would help quite a bit.

Being too close to the existing block to place the new one is a pain as well. You go much further away to get out of the block's way and you are out of range to connect to the existing wall. When you are trying to build a tower or tall structure it can be a pain. It probably has to do with colliding with the new block, or two features cannot be in the same location.

This one probably can't be fixed, but it would be nice.

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Couldnt you build scaffolding?


You can, and I do. It just seems like a lot of extra work where a change in the functionality of the placement dynamics would work. When you are building something, it is not that hard to reach up above your head and nail in the rafters to the next level or put dry wall on the bottom of the ceiling from below.

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