Allow append="merge" for (visual) inventory definitions

C3ntron G shared this feedback 5 years ago

Right now to my knowledge, the only way to add 'modded blocks' to an inventory block, is to overwrite the full defenition in the modded block definition/mod of the particular storage container. This can potentially create conflicts when loading multiple mods that re-define the inventory items to allow support of their own modded items/blocks for the same storage container.

It would be neat and nicer if you could just append your blocks to the storage component, i.e. just expand the white-list and facade items to a storage block.

If this already would be possible, then I did not manage to get it working yet. Any advise then would be welcome ;-)

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This issue with merging inventory constraints is that our merger doesn't support nesting. You can only merge or overwrite top-level elements. Our solution to this is to rewrite the constraints to eliminate nesting. Unfortunately, we're not able to add this to our roadmap, not at this time and possibly never. It is much more likely to get done in someone's spare time as a weekend project. So if it happens, it happens.

I don't know what the issue is with facades but it's probably the same nesting problem. I'll try to get back to you on that.

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