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All blueprints unlocked aka. Creative mode

Patrick Kowalczyk shared this feedback 5 years ago
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The game looks and feels amazing! But I had one issue, we were forced to do all the tutorials before we could accually Jump into the world, in the middle of tutorials we just didn't want to continue. I don't know how are you gonna feel about this comparison but when we bought the game, we were hoping to get the same feel, experience and fun we had when we first turned on minecraft. Being able to do anything but not knowing how to exactly, we would learn stuff by ourself, discovering something felt like an achievement, but when we joined into the game, 90% of stuff we wanted to try was blocked because of the tutorial. So I hope you will think about it and make a mode where I just hop into the game with all the blueprints and no clue what to do because I can do anything I want.

thanks in advance,


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In that case I suggest you try Creative Mode! We have it in world settings. You have access to everything and everything is free.

Alternately, if you just want all of the research unlocked, you can do that by creating schematics:

  1. Enable creative mode tools in the Medieval Master panel (Alt + F10)
  2. Open the search screen (G) and type Schematic in the search box
  3. Double-click schematics to add stacks of them to your inventory
  4. Distribute schematics to other players
  5. Right-click schematics to learn research.

It's either that or play in Creative Mode where everything is unlocked and free. We're looking into an easier way to unlock all research. Currently we use debug tools to unlock research for ourselves when we're testing but we didn't think hard enough about the reasons to have this for players. We'll see what we can do.


to be clear. the tutorial is only the quest there unlock stone axe, crafting bench and bed. the rest of the research quests are more progression stages. it is for so people don't start with access to everything and start rushing through game. slowing people down make sure people take in the game and become familiar with game mechanic and features. i guess there is more planned for the quests and progression in survival, but developers keep the path of the game hiding.


Had talk with a developer one time. it was about an idea of a book unlocked at end of research tree. it would unlock all research when read. the idea was because a lot of people was tired of should research the research tree all over when servers reset. basic making only one had to research the whole quest tree and could share books with rest of house members.

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