[0.71] Large Round features

Scott d shared this bug 5 years ago

Placing large round pieces seems to have gone from difficult to very difficult. Placing large round walls is not easy. Placing large round floors on the bottom is possible. Placing large round floors on the top of the wall is difficult. Placing a second story round wall is possible, but the second story round floor, or large round battlements just doesn't seem to work.

I have built scaffolding to allow me to be up above the block I wish to place, or on the side. I have used the Z key to try and add it from below. I have tried adding the block from different places around my tower.

Having the outline be a little clearer would help as well. Right now the ghosting is so much that it is difficult to see which direction the wall is facing when trying to build after nightfall.

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Doing stuff at night has always been more difficult. You need torches. It helps.


This is the same as this issue https://support.keenswh.com/medievalengineers/topic/large-round-floor, might be worth adding a vote to it.

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