0.70 pte

Francesco Calpini shared this feedback 5 years ago

- Audio issues: buzzing and distorsion

- Targeting issues (can't grab bushes etc at certain distances, difficult to use axe, shovel, etc)

- leveling spikes does not work. I guess? can make a hole put spikes with ropes and fill it above the ropes

- player names not shown mostly

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yes in public test I have a bug sound too (see my topic here). Same problem with digging and shovel !


I just noticed in the patch notes it says "voxel hand": does it mean the shovel will not follow the landscapes spikes?

Is it something only available in creative mode?

I hope not, not being able to flatten terrain is one of the most excruciating issue in survival.

Made me give up on almost all mechanized farm designs

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