[0.7.1] Huge waste of fuel in ovens/kilns etc.

Mike S shared this feedback 5 years ago

Since there is no longer a Douse control, if you use an item that has a large fuel value like a log, there's no way to stop a fire when finished crafting even if there's a significant amount of the current fuel item left. It will get completely consumed before shutting off.

This makes it unwise to use items with a large fuel value. The player is better off using a lot of small fuel items.

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I agree that I have to plan it out if I'm going to use charcoal or even a log so that I'm sure to have a lot of stuff to process. But also, when .7.1 first came out, it when everything was done crafting, it would finish out the current stick that was burning (or whatever's burning) and then stop even if more sticks were in there. Now, it just keeps burning until everything is gone. Is that a bug?


Yeah, having douse button again would be nice. But it probably was considered "too confusing for new players". I think it would be best if the fire automatically stopped after the last item in the queue is finished processing, not when the fuel is fully consumed.

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