[0.7.1] crafting is now tedious

Opposing Forces shared this feedback 5 years ago

couple of issues with the new system:

1) crafting stations no longer have inventory and they don't pull from adjacent inventories. so if you're playing with small inventory size, you have to keep shuffling items around just to make something. tedious, not fun.

2) crafting stations have limited crafting que. this limits how much you can craft per station, meaning you either have to baby sit them in order to get what you need quickly, or craft multiples of them to achieve a similar result. not fun, just tedious.

3) crafting in personal inventory doesn't automatically add the crafted items into your backpack / inventory, so while building you have to stop, open inventory and take the crafted items from your inventory and add them to your inventory... tedious.

4) item list in crafting stations, why a scrolling list? that is fine for a console game where a controller means the grid style we used to have would be problematic. but the grid style was way more practical for pc players on keyboard and mouse. i could find what i wanted much quicker, now trying to find what i want is... you guessed it! Tedious.

that's it for now. i'm sure as i play .7 more i'll find more issues. the sad thing is i get the feeling we are stuck with this new crafting system. might stop playing till a modder restores the old setup.

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I agree with all of these for the most part.

1. I don't mind that they don't have their own inventory, but they should DEFINITELY pull from nearby sources just like when you're building near your stockpiles.

2. The limited crafting queue doesn't really bother me. You're supposed to be crafting the items it seems odd to setup a huge list of things to craft and just walk away.

3. Agree here. The "Take" button for personal crafting is unnecessary.

4. This is annoying on PC too. Although you can use the search box at the top you still to start typing. There's no way to put often crafted items at the top. I'm constantly typing "sm/tim/pla" to craft small stones, timbers or planks. Would be nice to better organize the crafting list.

5. Here's an additional one: Anything you can personally craft should also be able to be crafted in the crafting table or other appropriate device. For example, you can personally craft basic rope, but it doesn't show up if you're in the crafting table to spinning wheel.


when i posted this there was no search bar above the item list. not sure when that changed or if there was something wrong with my game. as far as queuing up a huge list it's a matter of time management, i shouldn't have to baby sit the station so i can quickly get items, i should be able to que things up and while that station is making things i should be able to be working on something else, making better use of my time. currently i can't really do that. i have to sit there or only leave for a minute, meaning i either sit there and wait(boring) or run back and forth like a chicken with it's head freshly removed.(annoying). that's my issue with the lack of que size.

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