Can't leave script editor, buttons don't work

Andrey Kleshchev shared this bug 4 years ago


1. Could not leave script editor

2. Buttons do not work, they get highlighted when pressed, but nothing else

3. Weird border inside editor's code/text section (see image)


Can no longer repro, will add logs if it happens again. 'weird border' is still around.

Go to programmable block. Press K on screen. Open editor. Try pasting script from library, leaving e t c. Even ESC key gets ignored, but code edition works.


After some time UI somehow unfroze (I think I might have hit between 'weird border' and text field's border).

version: 1.194.082

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Happened again, attached log (closer to the end of the session), 1.194.083.


Same Issue here. But in my case i am able to press ESC multiple times until i am out of the programable block.


If this happens again (I get this issue here and there), use both Left- and Right-Click to Left-Click the UI buttons. Maybe have a ever-so-slight delay, so it's Left,+Right-Click,-Release. It SHOULD work flawlessly if you do that- it does for me, anyway.

This issue has (roughly) a 1/7 chance of happening on game load, double if it happened last time the game was running, and persists throughout that game session.

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