Can't leave script editor, buttons don't work

Andrey Kleshchev shared this bug 17 months ago


1. Could not leave script editor

2. Buttons do not work, they get highlighted when pressed, but nothing else

3. Weird border inside editor's code/text section (see image)


Can no longer repro, will add logs if it happens again. 'weird border' is still around.

Go to programmable block. Press K on screen. Open editor. Try pasting script from library, leaving e t c. Even ESC key gets ignored, but code edition works.


After some time UI somehow unfroze (I think I might have hit between 'weird border' and text field's border).

version: 1.194.082

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Happened again, attached log (closer to the end of the session), 1.194.083.


Same Issue here. But in my case i am able to press ESC multiple times until i am out of the programable block.


If this happens again (I get this issue here and there), use both Left- and Right-Click to Left-Click the UI buttons. Maybe have a ever-so-slight delay, so it's Left,+Right-Click,-Release. It SHOULD work flawlessly if you do that- it does for me, anyway.

This issue has (roughly) a 1/7 chance of happening on game load, double if it happened last time the game was running, and persists throughout that game session.