Xbox bountys are not working as do on pc need changes

Alex Hail shared this feedback 23 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I can't do bountys with limited player cap pushes xbox multiplayer to pve can you see about making a change to the bunty system so it has pve conteant like have you hunt down a npc ship as player cap one consoles brakes bunty system at least with games with my friends it's like 4players it's balance for pc cap can you add npc buntys so I can experience them thay are quite a few npc ships it can't be too hard to add a bunty maison to destroy one can it it would mack pve more fun for both platforms and add insantev to attack npc ships and fix the lack of buntys on control as been playing sence xbox dropd and havant expected bunty contracts yet please it will help make console play more fun

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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