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Xbox blueprint Automatic missing block removal

Husker54 shared this bug 17 months ago

Would it be possible to implement the missing block system we have on PC to xbox . If someone downloads a blueprint and doesn't have a mod featured in the blueprint the game simply removes the blocks and allows the ship to still be pasted however on xbox it refuses to allow you to paste the ship completely .

This is because of blocks like the program block which are vanilla for PC and not available "yet" on xbox.

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thank you for the report. I tried to reproduce it but it seems to be already fixed. I tested it with Programmable block and also with a modded block, both grids was possible to paste.

I will close the thread as solved but in case it still happens to you, please provide all relevant info and we can reopen the thread.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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