Voxels in Survival

Timothy Wolfe shared this feedback 4 years ago
Not Enough Votes

It would be cool to see some form of voxel gun implemented into survival. I have included a small sketch i made of what I would call either the voxel gun or the mulcher. It is like a leaf blower except it is in more of the power tool format, it would be held just like the drill and would be maybe a bit bigger. It has the cone out front which would be where voxels would theoretically be shot out from, but in the case of SE they would just place like the voxel hand. There is a container below where the stone (which I would say is a good fuel for it) Would be stored and consumed to place a voxel, which would be limited to grass, a pebble path, and a Dead grass (brownish) path on the earthlike planet, asteroid soil and asteroids and the earthlikes moon. Red soil on mars, etc...

I know a shovel would be a simple tool, but in a space engineering game with some spots wil low/no gravity a powered tool would be great for the job

I hope the team has put some though into this before because it would be great for us survival players.


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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


This would be great for decoration. Maybe even Voxel snowmen.

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