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Vacuum exposure stops game. Video included

Niels Kubel shared this bug 2 years ago

I apologize in advance if this bug is related to some of the other frame issues being mentioned.

Anyway I’m playing in survival and every time I get exposed to the vacuum of space the games frame rate comes to a halt. It happened every time I opened my airtight hangar doors... So I tried many different approaches to see if it was the airtight doors causing the problem, but it is not. As long I stayed in air filled environment nothing bad would happen. I could open doors and everything. But once my character entered the vacuum the game would stop.

So far it only happens in survival. It works fine in creative.

Anyway I just wanted to inform you all. I have included video link for you to see. Thank you.

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PS! I forgot to mention I’m playing on Xbox One X.


It might be similar to the issue I had, I had to switch sound from realistic to arcade and it was OK then. I'm dropping this here in the hope that it might help you.


Hey Darren. Thanks a bunch. I will give that a try.


Hello Engineer :)

Please update your game and try if your problem has been fixed. If not, then please give us all the relevant information (saved game, steps to reproduce the issue, etc.), which would help us finding the problem and subsequently fixing it as fast as we could.

Thank you

With regards

QA Department


Well this is an old bug, so I think you solved this 3 months ago. I have not experienced it since. You can mark this post as solved.


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