Underground bases on planets are visible and load in before voxels

Maddious (Old Account) shared this feedback 3 years ago
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At the request of keen support, I'm reposting this here..

That said, this was on Beta Test servers!!


Apparently this is something that has been default in the game for a while.

But yesterday on EU1 and my underground base without any broadcasting 100% hidden sins I started a week ago, was found and completely distroyed within 2hours of joining my faction, some others faction don't like.. If anyone wants to claim credit, let me know below, and how it was found? :P (as I was offline)

Anyway was getting back to my distroyed base, and on xbox one x, I got see my underground base between 8-6km away. What is interesting to me, so grids load in before voxels on planets. That makes any hidden underground base pointless on planets. According to the faction I joined it's has something to do with max render distance, on planets because of there size, and only on asteroids was still viable for hidden bases. Grids come before voxels is a problem as it makes underground bases on planets not a viable option anymore. Apparently it's ever more easier on original/s xbox one to spot underground bases on planets.

It goes without saying that this is a problem for those that like to use a more xenophobe play style.

Any extra feedback from friends or enemies alike is appreciated. :P

PS: Also when I loaded in, when my base was still around I noted many times that voxels didn't load at all underground, an I got see the void. Only way to fix that was flying away 200m and coming back.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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