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Toolbar Configuration reset programmed blocks and Groups

SiHO colus shared this bug 21 months ago

when I place a ship where which blocks or groups belong and what they have to do, apparently they are not saved. if I save the ship as a blueprint and then place it again, the Toolbar Config is no longer usable. Except for Gatling or rocket cannons, all blocks or groups are grayed out. This is the case with all cockpit types for small and large ships, command or pilot seats for small and large ships, as well as the remote control blocks for small and large ships. Jump Drive settings? gone. Guns on and off? gone. Groups of lights? gone. ALL SETTINGS?? GONE! Please fix this serious game error. a video is linked, which shows how enormous this problem is.!AibUtMA-0mFFgmhdFLfNut3fRzec

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Oh i forgot another Point: even if you Copy the Ship, the Copied Grid, all Configs on Cockpit, Seat or Remote Control are Also Gone. Fix that Please.


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