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Text cut off on information panel in main menu

Maatz shared this bug 2 years ago
Not a Bug


Minor issue here but on the Xbox One Beta (Build 1.194.050 RETAIL) the text behind the discord text link is cut off and cannot be read.

Besides that a scrollbar is shown, indicating one could scroll down still but one cannot access the box with the controller in any way.

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Hello, Engineer!

Is this issue still happening to you? We weren't able to reproduce it on our end.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Just FYI that is actually the end of the text. The box at the end is actually just an icon. I have tried to use the discord app on xbox, but it only appears in the xbox store as some 3rd party app filter for discord..Called "Quarrel".


Yes that is correct, but that icon itself seems cut on the screenshot :)

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