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well hello i will try to explain myself in english because im french

so i think for now the game is very good for building but your game have a big issue

enven if there are some pirates, for now it is not good;))

i put turrets on my base but where are the ennemies ? i mean iam never under attack

can you add a system where the planets like earth have life on it?

like for exemple factions who are neutral or hostile and will attack my base when for example i destroy their base like retaliations?

and keep attacking me untill i wiped out all their bases, even if they could try to rebuild or respawn their mother base (in order to always have ennemie to fight)

or even when i wiped out a good number of their bases, they will ask for me the peace? lol

and even a system where pirates can take the ownership of my base if i have multiple bases?

i mean do you know the game call Empyrion ? im sure you are, you could trie to pick up some ideas of this game for solo survival aspect, i wish you can understand what im trying to said

to resume, i wish you will add more npc or at least more ennemies to fight or defend, because it is very cool to build in your game but i found it useless if there are no ennemies patrols that are trying to attack you.

they could attack my base when i reach a certain amount of PCU in my base ?

Cant wait to see what your game will look like on next gen consol, and by that i dont mean only visual aspect but immersive survival mechanics stuff;

well for now i have a tunnel to dig lol see you

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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