suggestion, adjust the acceleration curve on jetpack

Curtis Horton shared this feedback 4 years ago
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ideally if controller 90% and above on stick input have the breakneck acceleration, as the game is now, more than 30-40% stick input and i am suddenly going 0m/s to 110m/s in half a second.

basically i wish the accelerartion slowly ramped up, maybe even make it when you hit full stick it takes like 1 to 1.5 seconds to start aggressivly accelerating

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


hello there sorry for my english i am french... i think that since the max speed is 100m/s it would be great to nerf the speed of the jetpack to 30 or 50 m/s; i think it make sense to be able to be faster with a ship

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