Suggestion: Add a Controller cursor for menu navigation

Eric Poroznik shared this feedback 3 years ago
Not Enough Votes

While the controls for general gameplay are absolutely amazing, navigating through menus is a mess. I believe that adding a controller cursor like No Man's Sky or Minecraft would solve this issue.

By using the left stick you can move the cursor just like with a mouse and you press A to select/right click and using the right stick to scroll, it would make navigating menus 100% easier.

I've talked with fellow engineers on the Xbox channel in the Discord server and they seem to agree.

And by making it a option in the main menu, everyone is happy, people who like it how it is are happy and people who want change are happy.

Now, people will argue that "Why dont you just use a mouse" and I'd say that it's unfair to assume that everyone has access to a mouse.

I hope you take this suggestion into consideration Keen, thank you for everything you've done.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


i hope this ends up in the game

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