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Sudden frame rate glitches and soft-lock in new update for SE beta

Darren W. Pearce (Dwolfyone) shared this bug 2 years ago

Until the update that fixed the 1-2 seconds of stutter, the game was fine when going to space. Now, when I get either 12,000m into the upper atmo the game turns into a slide show on the solar system map (creative, 7k view distance) or sometimes it lets me get around 42,000m up and then does the same thing.

Before then it's been running extremely well, even at 15k view distance on my Xbox One X.

I also noticed that a soft-lock seems to be tied to a first person view from the cockpit of any craft too... the game doesn't respond for quite a while and then very slowly updates a frame before it goes back to this state.


As you can see, the game's frozen in the cockpit and I should be steadily climbing toward the markers.

I understand it's a beta tho, and things break. Cheers for the good work so far!

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Hello, Engineer!

We will close this ticket as a duplicate. We reproduced this issue in another ticket, please follow it for more information:

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Keen Software House: QA


Many thanks!


Hey Keen, not sure if you're monitoring this still, but the guy here found a fix and the issue being tied to the realistic sound option in the game save options.

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