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Space Engineers Beta on Xbox One Feedback

Darren W. Pearce (Dwolfyone) shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hey there. Firstly, thank you for bringing the game to the Xbox. My game rig has seen better days, so this is a wonderful opportunity to get my hands on the game and play with a few of my friends. I am really enjoying the beta, even though there are a few bugs (the save game one is particularly gutting at the moment) -- I know it's a beta though, and it has not lessened my enthusiasm for the main game.

I am hoping that you support this game on the Xbox and bring a lot of the features (that you can) to the Xbox One X (or the series X when that comes out). I would love to see Lost Colony, the Frostbite DLC and more on the Xbox One version and I know that I am not alone in wanting some kind of 'best of the mods' especially ones that add more life into the living world.

The Modular Encounters Spawner would be an excellent one.

I just want more to do with my creations, since PvE content is something that keeps our group coming back to games like this time and time again.

Anyways, thank you again for the game and I look forward to the release in April!

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Thank you for your kind words! We appreciate it.

I would suggest separating this feedback to individual tickets - like having Lost Colony, or having Frostbite DLC, or having access to specific mod on Xbox. We are very much looking at our players need, and if such item is voted enough, we will make our best to get it to the game.

Thank you for your feedback!


Thank you very much, and I'll add that as a game reviewer for a UK based game site, this game is shaping up to be a game I'd definitely give a recommended or a must buy at Games Xtreme for.

Bravo! Thank you for the support!

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