Some issues with half blocks

kacey kubik shared this feedback 2 years ago
Not Enough Votes

Okay the game is great but it has problems with audio being bugged and a low pcu count. That however is old news as I have a bone to pick with the half blocks. Now to the meat of the matter why do half blocks have the same hit box as regular blocks? I mean it is kind of annoying that it is like that because i was building a station out of them and i hit a snag. This snag turned out to be that if you placed the block a certain way where you could see the hit box and try to place a block it wouldn't let you. Because the hit boxes hit each other even though there is empty spce between blocks. Please fix it so that half blocks have half the hit box of a regular block. Thanks for all the hard work and making a great game

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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