Single Player Enemies

Engineer Ident-7567 shared this feedback 21 months ago

I think the single player game needs to be made more difficult enemy-wise. People have devised solutions to this problem, the modular encounters collection, but they require scripts to function. Could you please add that or something like that to the game for us single player engineers?

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In the single player mode, enemies will be able to walk, run and jump around. The enemies will also attack you when they are close enough. In order to kill an enemy, you have to hit them with your weapon. When you see an enemy on screen, you can move around freely without being attacked by them. You can also use your weapons to attack the enemies if they are in front of you or behind you. Well, now it is time to play mummys gold $1 deposit because I need money and this is the only easy way to earn money when you can play games.

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