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Ship roll autocorrect

Daniel Godwin shared this bug 2 years ago
Won't Fix

So i recently built a ship using a projector, with no subgrids or overrides on gyros, whenever i try to roll my ship, it just rolls almost all the way back to where I started from. This is on a dedicated server and as such i do not have the ability to upload the world as a test. I play on Xbox One (OG) and have tried with both keyboard and controller and get the same thing. I have tried another ship and it seems to work fine, as well as when out of a cockpit.

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could you upload and share blueprint of the ship?

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Hello Engineer,

Since there are no new comments in this topic and we are still not able to reproduce it, we are closing this thread as outdated.

In case anyone is encountering the same or similar bug, which is not already posted in a different thread, please feel free to create a new thread with all relevant information.

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