Server host has left the game when trying to weld using projectors

Calvin shared this feedback 23 months ago

Ok keen us 4 official server. For Xbox

Xbox........Ok when your using a projector to help you weld a large ship 19,000 pcu the server host leaves the game. Kicking you out. It reverts you back to the main menu and you can’t rejoin. The only way to rejoin is to shut the game down and reload it completely and only to once again kick once you try to weld. This is new since last week’s update which messed with the projectors on the game. It happens regardless of level welder being used I’ve tried every thing from level 1-3. I’ve made a video of it but I can’t upload it since you platform only allows 2mb file size. If you could provide a email I would be happy to share the video.

Ok I’ve come back and edited this for a update! The glitch only kicks you when your welding on the projected object.

For example if the projector is on and you creat a new block that’s not what the projector is telling you to build the game is ok with it and won’t kick you. Butt if you try to creat and weld what the projector is telling you to place their the game kicks you and tells you the server host has left the game.

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